Why blueprint?

noun: blueprint;
1. a design plan or other technical drawing.

2. something that acts as a plan, model, or template.

In the beginnings of establishing The Farm House in 2015, we saw a vision of a blueprint watercolor painting that showcased the front view of our urban farm house in the 10th & Page neighborhood of Charlottesville, VA. Recently, one of our Farm House artists, Sarah Tisdale, contributed to seeing this vision become reality. 

As we are in a season of continual growth, this blueprint image is first and foremost a visual depiction of our ongoing growth and long-term vision-building for what The Farm House will become as a community space and network. It is also a prophetic image and model for us as we move forward, establishing shared community spaces and places for growing authentic connection, friendship, and camaraderie as artists, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and human beings, and we believe conversation and shared spaces are vital to the growth of thriving communities.

This home is a canvas — it is the art of community engagement. But home is not built by us alone. It requires collaboration as a family of artists, entrepreneurs, and community members and leaders for it to thrive. How this is painted on our hearts, our spaces, and our city, is by tending to the growth of renewed community connection and the exchange of creative power to grow a healthful and thriving community and city. This is the essence of our purpose at The Farm House, and we invite you to join us.

We have grown this past year in connection with local community initiatives, neighbors, local artists, and leaders, extending our reach through the model of cultivating family, home, rest, reconciliation, collaboration, and authentically connection — the pillars and foundation of our community home.

Through your monetary, end-of-the-year giving, you are helping pour into every person who walks through these doors seeking connection, community, and growth.

With your gift, you will receive either a 5x7 or 8x10 print of "A Blueprint of Home", a visual image that reminds us all of more than The Farm House, but a symbol and standard of what community engagement and connectivity looks like to embody in our cities and towns.

To get your print, follow the donation instructions below (prints will be deliverable by Janurary 2017). 

Thank you!
The Farm House Family

All prints printed locally in Charlottesville and packaged by our artists. We are forever grateful.

Painting by Farm House Artist,  Sarah Tisdale .


Donate & Get Your Print

Amounts & Sizes:

Postcard size // Give $25 or more.

5x7 print size // Give $50 or more.

8x10 print size // Give $100 or more.

*Please include your physical mailing address in the text area provided on the donation page. Prints will be deliverable by January 2017.


To donate by check, please make your checks out to The Farm House and specify what size print you want and send to 217 9th Street NW, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

To donate without receiving a print of our A Blueprint of Home watercolor painting, click the button below.